Un ingeniero de Google crea un espejo inteligente

Max Braun quería un espejo como el que le prometieron las películas en su adolescencia pero, pese a los avances tecnológicos, nadie lo había puesto a la venta. Eso sí, las partes necesarias para llevar a cabo su sueño eran muy sencillas de conseguir así que se puso manos a la obra.

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Why Educators Must Teach Students Social Media Etiquette #ProfessorJRuiz

Students may bring social media experience to school, but they still have a lot to learn.

Kids are funny, but adults are funnier. I was an early adopter of Facebook — I was so excited for an interface where I could virtually connect with friends all over the world given that I moved 16 times before I landed in Nashville 22 years ago. And as it turns out, I was not a great letter-writer. As you could guess, I fell out of touch with many friends from other parts of the country. But when I logged onto Facebook, I found all of my long-lost friends. Who knew social media would take off as quickly as it did?

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