3 Reasons to Love #Periscope, Budget Friendly Biz Tool of the Month | Nancy Laws

Talk about Budget Friendly…Periscope is creating a lot of buzz in the business community, and although it may simply be because it is still the “NEW” tool on the playground, we are IN LOVE, and hopefully you will have the courage to join us by the end of this article. Read more…

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¿Cómo son los empleados knowmads?¿Qué les hace diferentes?

Un knowmad es un empleado del conocimiento. Puede trabajar en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar. Las nuevas tecnologías, la globalización y los entornos colaborativos han favorecido la aparición de estos nuevos empleados que pueden revolucionar el esquema de la organización actual. Leer más….

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3 Smart Strategies for Making the Most of Social Media Influencers | Adobe

As influence marketing becomes more mainstream, organizations everywhere are facing pressure to work with social media influencers. If you’ve identified a few that can bolster your brand, but you’re not sure exactly how to maximize them, you’re not alone. Before trying to engage, think about exactly what it is you’re trying to accomplish by interacting. Whether you’re looking to build brand recognition, create buzz about a new product, or simply start a conversation, here are a few great strategies that can help make the most of social media influencers, building powerful advocates for your brand. Read more….

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