Pleghm – Street Art | InspireFirst

Pleghm street art photography showcase. A painting in the street becomes part of the cities architecture, influenced by what’s around it rather than being some awkward canvas in an art gallery... See on


12 Free Online Quiz Makers to Create Online Quizzes | Training & E-Learning Zone for Quizzes

See on - EDUCADOR: "Out of the Box"I often receive a lot of questions about how to make online quizzes for free. Here is a collection of 12 free online quiz making applications I collect after days’ collection. These apps will help you make quizzes for online use for free. Do you know of …

29 Free Moodle Video Tutorials

See on - EDUCADOR: "Out of the Box" ... be interested in a list of Free Moodle Video Tutorials? In case that you would like to add a Free Moodle Video Tutorial you can do so! ...See on