Lessons learned about Innovation and Leadership from Isaacson’s SteveJobs

See on Scoop.it - EDUCADOR: "Out of the Box" The recent Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson is, I found, un-put-downable and compelling: a sweeping, stimulating, poignant narrative of one of the most fascinating persons of our era. Job......See on 21k12blog.net


Leadership for System Transformation

See on Scoop.it - EDUCADOR: "Out of the Box" In a recent session with Al Bertani and Jane Creasy from the Innovation Unit (out of the United Kingdom) they shared a 21st Century Leadership Framework for transformation based on work outcomes fr...See on cultureofyes.ca

How One CEO Uses Open-Source Fat Free CRM

See on Scoop.it - EDUCADOR: "Out of the Box"Entrepreneur Bryce McDonnell describes the benefits of using free open-source CRM (Customer Relationship Management) softwareI started using free customer relationship management software called Fat Free CRM to organize sales leads a few months ago. I got hooked on Fat Free because it is an open-source application, which means …